Monday, June 21, 2010


LEV started the rap battle He asked YOUNG ALE,"So you gonna be clapping them shells". He called his cypher opponent weak and frail. He asked his opponent how he called himself Al when there is an Eat the end of his rap name, he tried to get technical and grammatical. He called this battle a lame fight and he asked the crowd why they got him battling a retard that can't pronounce his name right. He even got on his opponents hair do. He tried to say that YOUNG ALE was rocking a Dominican mullet and asked him what was up with his voice and asked him if he swollowed a frog? LEV said YOUNG ALE sounded like Reggae-ton version of Hollow Da Don. LEV said YOUNG ALE would have a harder time winning this battle then Lethal does saying the S sound. He also said that YOUNG ALE has a Dutch Vega gap that he can fit a blunt through and said that the crowd was riding his opponents sack. YOUNG ALE started his verse of this rhyme battle bringing that heat. He had a some what disturbing rap delivery. He said that Lev would levitate from a gun shot and asked him what he's gonna do and claimed that Lev was talking junk online. YOUNG ALE compared his guns to Bret Favre and Mike Tyson. He claimed that he was psycho. YOUNG ALE used a reference from the movie don't be a Menace. He tried to call Lev a groupie. He made up or it was true a story about his rap challenger talking junk about him on the internet. He had his boy jumping and say the last rhyme of this battle. This round of the punchline battle was a tie.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Lev brought up history about YOUNG ALE on this cypher. He said the best thing his opponent was a Lil John style chorus. He claimed that YOUNG ALE was mad at Lev for turning his girls body into his own personal playground and he said that she swings on his dick. Lev called him a fat bitch like the girl who ad libs for Ice Grill and was trying to say that Lev says his rhymes loud as hell to cover up the fact that they are corny He compared his teck to a red card. Lev said he wouldn't lose to his opponent implying that he looks like the guy who played a pirate in the tripple play commercial. YOUNG ALE started off rapping about how he'll shoot Lev. He said that he gives people nightmares that Freddy wouldn't step into. He said that Lev would't say a hot line if he burned his mouth. YOUNG ALE compared himself to and claimed to be in the category of Eminem, Jay-z, Lil Wayne mixed with Obama while Levis more like Soulja Boy Hurricane Chris mixed with Lady gaga . This round of the Hip hop battle was a tie in my opinion as well.

In the third round of the rhyming battle Lev went hard at putting rhymes together. He said he'd leave him under water like an oil spill. He said with a syllabic rap style he would respect YOUNG ALE skills better if he didn't use punchlines that have already been used. Lev said his opponent looks more like a dick than a Gatorade bottle. He ended spitting with a unique witty hip hop performance. YOUNG ALE was all deliivery with no good metaphors worth quoting.He compared his bullets to Viagra. He said he'll treat him like a video game make him do a 360 and said I know you mad because I'm styling on you. YOUNG ALE said his homies will start wilding on his rhyme challenger. Lev won this round of the rap cypher.

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