Thursday, June 17, 2010

WeGoHardTv Rap Battle - Inkk Vs JBliz

JBliz started this rap battle and seemed to be spitting a freestyle rap. The first thing he said was he came to rhyme against a small guy. He said Inkk wasn't worthy and he would make him crumble and send him home crying. The rapper known as JBliz said he was a Teflon Don with his Teflon on as well as spitting about his hater blockers. He said he would pop Inkk's head off for his last punchline his verse was smooth and consistent and didn't slip up. Inkk went in right after and spit his verse. He had a strong delivery but his rhymes were starting not to make sense. The first thing he said that stood out to me was when he said he would throw his rap opponent off the roof His main objective of his freestyle rap lyrics was basically just trying to talk how he would rob JBliz. Inkk also said he would throw him off the roof. The winner of this first round of the rap cypher in my opinion was JBliz.

JBliz started off with somewhat of a syllabic rhyme style and he was still spitting off the top. He called Inkk a dummy cat nigga and he spit about knowing Inkk's boss. He also spit about the bud he smokes. JBliz said he knows his boss so he ain't gonna shoot him. He said he just gonna send a him a chick to screw. Inkk had garbage rap bars most of his rap battle lines didn't even rhyme. My favorite punchline he said was now you can't think with your brain because your out sides inside. He had many references to calling JBliz a homo-sexual. His repeated his last rhymes twice when he was referring to shooting away at JBliz insides till they look like spaghetti.

In the third and final round of this one on one battle JBliz continued to rhyme with consistency. His freestyle rap lyrics were rhyming and at least they made sense. He treated his freestyle challenger like he was invisible. JBliz said that Inkk had no flow and this wasn't even a real cypher to him. Inkk continued to spit nothing good in the freestyle but I give it up to him for sticking his chest out and rapping.

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