Wednesday, June 16, 2010


KABOOM started the rap cypher he had an in your face rap approach and his rap delivery was strong. He said he'll play football with TAY ROC's new born. TAY ROC put words together pretty smoothly and his punchlines were hard hitting. He said his home boys watch him just to look at his ugly ass hat. TAY ROC spit his rap verse next KABOOM kept his back turned while TAY ROC spit his rap bars. He went in when it was time for him to rap the crowd stayed entertained when he was rhyming. My favorite punchline he said was the one I'm a shark nigga's feed me from the fish hole. This round of the Hip hop battle was taken by TAY ROC.

In the second round of this this cypher KABOOM went right in with no hesitation. He rhyme style seemed better rehearsed and he threatened to leave him in like Steve MC Nair. Even though I'm kind of tired of all the sperm rap jokes I like the way KABOOM was thorough when he said ya mother should have spit you in the toilet and flushed you. His last punchline had to do with Goodwill Hunting and Matt Damon He even broke TAY ROC's name down and each letter. His rap opponent TAY ROC went sick when it was time for him to spit his Hip Hop verse. He mostly went sick with the rap delivery. He tried to say that he's known as the best where he is at. This round of the hip hop cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of this cypher KABOOM stepped his rap game up on this one on one battle.He said that he would leave his rap challenger stiffer than a manikin. He called TAY ROC a kibbles and bits. This rapper known as KABOOM called TAY ROC a custodian. He had references to Day Day from Next Friday to KABOOM had references to the rapper Nick Cannon. He has thorough metaphors and rhyme style is colorful and animated to match with his rap delivery. TAY ROC brought that heat and fire to the rapping cypher match up to his rap opponent KABOOM. His first rap statement was, "They say that talk is cheap". TAY ROC was a damn good rap lyricist in this round of the one on one battle. He threatened to send a ton of Crips at KABOOM even though he isn't a loc. TAY ROC said he be with his hip hop challengers KABOOM's girl. This round round of the hip hop war was a tie.

In the fourth round TAY ROC started this round of the rap competition came hard and had some ill punchlines especially his first one. He started it thorough and said, "He must have been an accident on the high way because that's where most accidents happen", that was a good point it had me wishing I would've thought of it first. TAY ROC seemed to be calling Math hoffa out as well as all the Philly battle rappers such as Tech Nine (tech 9) while shouting out other Philly MC's such as Cassidy, meek millz, and Gillie Da Kid. KABOOM started his round during this round of the rhyme battle. He didn't have a live verse during this round of the cypher. His best punchline in my opinion was the on when he said he would run TAY ROC over with a car and then back up. This was the least interesting out of all of the rounds in this rap battle but in my opinion TAY ROC won this round of the cypher.

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