Saturday, June 19, 2010


SMURK started the first round of the rhyme battle. SMURK made it apparent that he was from another state. He tried to call PARANORMAL a bitch in disguise. The rapper SMURK. He made a reference to burning his rap challenger with an iron and putting on some boxer gloves and punching the crap out of him. His last metaphor by showing some pictures of what looked to be PARANORMAL touching some guy who has his shirt off. PARANORMAL didn't let it get to him he still went in spitting fire. He said fat white stutter rap jokes ain't gonna work. He called SMURK a pussy and said he would kill his family first. PARANORMAL said that his challengers girl because she doesn't like him battle rapping and said he screwed both SMURK's mother and girlfriend and even described how her coochie felt Based on rap skills I would say this round of the cypher was a tie.

In the second round of this cypher SMURK started the second round of this lyrical battle. He said he's tired of hearing PARANORMAL complain about other rappers and said if he catches him by the stair case he's gonna shoot him like Bishop from Juice would. SMURK called PARANORMAL a dry behemoth and said every time his brothers brought girls over they would leave fast because they felt like they on like they were in a cave scene from when hills had eyes. SMURK said his rhymes were hard enough to give his rap opponent a hernia. PARANORMAL spit his rapping verse immediately after. The first punchline he said was that would knock the glitter off of his shiny hat. It's kind of ironic how PARANORMAL said you probably came to this battle hoping I choke and he does exactly that. He tried to come back with a freestyle but it wasn't very good it was straight and had the crowds reaction. SMURK won this second round of this battle of punchlines and metaphors.

In the third round of this hip hop rap battle SMURK went in and had a funny punchline in the beginning. The first punchline he said was you look like Justin beaver swallowed a hundred beavers. Even though he started with a hot punchline he choked even worse and couldn't even freestyle. The funny thing is when PARANORMAL spit his rap verse he started off hot and stayed consistent throughout most of the round. He tried to call SMURK a smurf because the last battle he turned blue in the face then came the slip ups. You can obviously tell all his rhymes were written.

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