Wednesday, June 2, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Kayce One Vs Louie

Kayce One started the cypher first and he seemed to his verse was either a freestyle rap or a written rap verse. Kayce One had one hot punchline, he said keep ya head in your face because it's safer in there,", Louie countered the punchline well though. Kayce One was quiet throughout most of his rhyme verse. Louie took Kayce One's mess ups to his advantage. Louie could freestyle rap pretty good. Louie spent his time rapping about how Kayce One is messing up. I would've like to hear more metaphors and punchline but any ways Louie won this round of the rap cypher.

In the second round of the freestyle battle Kayce One started to flop some more. Kayce One seemed to be starting off his verse of the M C battle cutting height rap jokes on Louie but the rest of his rap verse was silent literally. He must have forgot his rhymes or trying to freestyle. Louie was thorough at freestyle rapping and improvising it seemed. Louie spit a rhyme about Kayce One's friend supposedly some chick sucked off a bus driver. Louie won this round of the rap battle .

In the third round of the hip hop cypher Kayce One with some type of metaphor about shagging Louie's mother. The rest of his rap verse was mostly silent. Kayce One was rapping about how he forgot his rhymes. Louie killed Kayce One in this round of the rap cypher. It was exciting when Kayce One was rapping about choking Kayce One. Louie won this rap cypher.

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