Friday, June 11, 2010


SPUNK WOP started the rap cypher off he brought up a fact about WEAPON-X. I guess he majors in college for Physical Education. SPUNK WOP even said that he had sex with WEAPON-X girl. SPUNK WOP even said he would beat up WEAPON-X's mother. WEAPON-X had a lot of harsh rap battle lines WEAPON-X went sick in this round of the rap cypher and had intricate rap battle lyrics he even had a crazy nice delivery. This round of the cypher was a tie.

In the second round of the rhyme battle SPUNK WOP went in and he has crazy nice rhyme style real syllabic. SPUNK WOP tried to spit that WEAPON-X was just trying to get his name up by battling him. WEAPON-X came harder with the rap delivery and had some complexed metaphors. WEAPON-X rapping about SPUNK WOP's whole family whether it was where SPUNK WOP's mother worked at or poisoning SPUNK WOP's little brother. WEAPON-X brought the heat but he had a little mess up therefore I can't say he won the rap clash but I will say that it was a tie.

SPUNK WOP went hard in this round of the hip hop battle and continued to stay more consistent. He reminded WEAPON-X that he enjoys beating up guys that are bigger than him. My favorite punchline was the rhyme when he said the only reason there rhyme battling is because he having sex with his rap opponents mother and he can't beat him in a fist fight. WEAPON-X went in during his turn of this round of this cypher but he seemed to have lost his flare plus he was too long time to get rhymes out. What made this rapper named WEAPON-X really stand out was his rap delivery. He tried to call SPUNK WOP an old battle rapper on welfare that takes the bus. He seemed to be spitting a freestyle rap verse. The best punchline that SPUNK WOP spit was the on about the transformers and Voltron. This round of the rap cypher goes to SPUNK WOP in my opinion.

In the fourth round of this hip hop battle WEAPON-X went first and was saying some garbage in his rhymes. He seemed to have run out of things to say and tried to improvise in other words he was spitting a freestyle rap instead of written memorized lyrics. WEAPON-X started off saying that he would need a shotgun from ShotGun Suge or a Tsunami from Tsu surf and the rest of what he spit wasn't too hot. SPUNK WOP spit his rap battle lyrics soon after. His rhymes stayed consistent. He started off by saying WEAPON-X ain't broke ain't broke he just trying to see what being broke is like and made all types of gestures about having sex with WEAPON-X's mother. SPUNK WOP won this round of the rap cypher

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