Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DON'T FLOP - InstinctiveXpression Vs Ayatollah Jigsaw

Ayatollah Jigsaw started this rhyme battle off first calling InstinctiveXpression an off key looking zombie who was first on his hit list. His rhyme verse was straight. He called his adversary a punk that used to get bullied in school an d use to whine. He spent a lot of his verse making ginger rap joke about his rival. He tried compare his adversary to Harry potter. He was slipping up a lot you can tell he was a bit of a dizaster waiting to happen. He held it together pretty descent in this round of the rap cypher. He tried to say that even his opponents mother didn't love him and he's a failure at life. InstinctiveXpression tried to call Ayatollah Jigsaw adversary a punk ass good boy who spit elementary rhymes. He also tried to say that his rival gets mad at the world and screams why he's so ugly. He even broke down the true meaning of his challengers name which means a saint in Muslim. This round of the battle was a tie.

I the second round of this cypher Ayatollah Jigsaw started off straight and probably would have got done better if he didn't stop in the middle of his verse for like 5 minutes straight .When he was rapping he continued to make Ginger jokes about him. He also tried to call him a wanna be Rastafarian. He also tried to call him a fagot who had dreams about Shaba Ranks. InstinctiveXpression started this round of the rhyme battle saying that Ayatollah Jigsaw could only get support if he leans on somebody. He had a funnier performance. He tried to imply that his challenger practices homo sexuality in his sleep. This round of the rap cypher was taken by InstinctiveXpressionhe was more funny and consistent.

In the third round of this rap battle Ayatollah Jigsaw let him know that he's not Jamaican. He said that his opponent is a vegeterian and continued to call his adversary ginger. He started off going in but he seemed to have forgotten his writtens and tried to recite them so he can remember but he ended up wasting 5 to 10 minutes of his rap verse. He started to real syllabic but eventually he died down and started spitting crap and tried to freestyle. He used the f and s word a lot. InstinctiveXpression confronted Ayatollah Jigsaws raps and made him look stupid. He flowed about how he used to play with Jig saw puzzles. He also called his opponents skills rusty. He implied that his challenger was a child molester. He had a syllabic rap flow as well. InstinctiveXpression won this round of the rhyme battle.


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