Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WeGoHardTv Rap Battle K.M Vs Prince Da Velly

Prince Da Velly started the lyrical battle the first thing he said was he'll smack K.M and he has sex with all the same girls that hi adversary wifes up. He tried to say that he a gangter he'll give K.M the Hearse I didn't think it was that hot but the crowd did. He said that he leaves peoples family members missing.Prince Da Velly claimed to be chopping dudes up and leaving there arms in kitchens. He told K.M that it was easy to divide him because he ain't long division. He called his adversary a bitch who's rolling with sissies and threatened to get clapped in the park as he referred to him as the bastard that isn't touching him in skill. He compared the battle to Jarule verses Hip hop rapper 50 cent. Prince Da Velly claimed that somebody said his budget was low and they wanna give him a check again. It sounds like he already has a record deal or something. He said that his rival looked like Ray Masterio from wrestling. Prince Da Velly referred to his rival as a gerbal with ear rings that belonged in the pet store. He said he'd smack up his adversaries whole squad and doesn't care and claimed that his gun is never empty. This dude said he could get the three musketeers killed. He told K.M that nobodies feeling him. He said his guns like zip locks easy to stash. Prince Da Velly said his opponent doesn't play with guns he plays with darts. He said if you wanna be GOODZ I'll put you in your own can. K.M started his round of the cypher with a confrontational approach airing out the truth because his challenger was supposedly rapping like he was hard. He said the only time that dude is shooting is on Grand Theft Auto. He seemed to be an Mc with a good presentation and delivery but his rhymes are questionable. He tried to say that he would have Prince Da Velly like Anne Frank. K.M said who ever thinks he's nice sucks dick. I don't have much to say about the boy K.M for this round but his bars weren't all that good. Prince Da Velly won this round of the rap cypher.

In the second round of the street battle Prince Da Velly said that this was the last race even though they had one more round left after that. He called K.M a dike and a queer who always raps about his guns that he grips in the air. He said he's gonna screw his adversaries mother and his bars are s trash that he wanted to laugh at him. He tried to say got that his rival hiding from him everywhere even online. Prince Da Velly called K.M a snitch. He said that his money is straight like pressed out hair. He called his opponent a bitch your a mommas boy and your pops was never there for ya and said his mother use to cop dimes but now she's copping nicks and tried to say that his mother buys him his gear with the money she make from being a whore. He said that if K.M acts up he'll get the same treatment as Kobe got from Chris Giles. The last good thing Prince Da Velly said that he'd catch his adversay slipping like Amillio from Dangerous Minds. His opposition started otherwise known as K.M started rapping next and had much to say but first off he started by apologizing for his slip ups in the last round. K.M seemed to be freestyling He started out calling his rival a bitch that he was gonna bury and calling another rapper out from the crowd. He told Prince Da Velly not to play with him because he got guns and clips and called his challenger a broke nigga that looks like a nomad and said that he's about to lose his home boys money. He called his adversaries mother a crack head and said that the got the white on the side like dry mouth. He said that Prince Da Velly's mother sucks dick for coke. He said he'll let the bullets give him attitude adjustment like John Cena. He tried to say that his challenger is unknown when he asked him who he is. He was rapping about trying to run up in his adversary house. K.M messed up on his last rhyme and Prince Da Velly won this round of the rap battle.

In the third round Prince Da Velly started off spitting that fire. He said he shoots shots like a photo who's gonna get that next flick. He went to spit about all of the rings he got and said he'll take every chain every watch away and necklace that K.M has. He claimed that he didn't eat dinner yet and referred to his adversary as being breakfast. He said he would smack a little nigga who's only sixteen like a fiend. Prince Da Velly compared this round of the rhyme battle Fight Klub. He called called his opponent garbage. He was gonna go in some more but they stopped him. K.M continued with the strong rap delivery and call his challenger and there crew apple sweet. He had the presence but not enough of the rhyme content to go with it and he moved around real fast you can tell that little dude can fight by the looseness in the way that he was bobbing and weaving and his energetic ass movements but anyways it didn't help him win this round of the cypher. Prince Da Velly won this round of the rhyme battle.


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