Friday, June 18, 2010


MATH HOFFA started the rap battle by putting out there on the table everything that AYE-VERB can say about him because he's predictable. He also said he seen his opponent at the last cypher and passed him th knife but he just looked at it like he was scared and gave it back to him. He looked at AYE-VERB and asked him if he was lie-ing and he didn't reply. MATH HOFFA told everyone his real name Chaz Dunkin and had a slick metaphor when he said I call him Chaz just to turn AYE-VERB to a noun. MATH HOFFA even said AYE-VERB is starving for a record deal and calling himself Mr. Marketable. He started this rap cypher a good point about him punching that Dose in the face and not dropping him even though he's only 125 pounds. This round of the one on one battle.

In the second round of the rhyme cypher MATH HOFFA started his verse calling out some dude who snitched on his homeboy and putting him on blast apparently some dude gave his homeboy seven years. Then he came back to AYE-VERB and called him a snitch as well. AYE-VERB said some crazy punchlines during this round of this rhyme battle. His last metaphor was referring to the rapper T Rex. AYE-VERB started his verse gay rap jokes about MATH HOFFA and claimed that his neighborhood breeds the type that snitch. The rapper known as AYE-VERB made a fairly accurate assessment when he said that MATH HOFFA got the image of a truck driver and cracked a few mexican rap jokes on Cortez. AYE-VERB called MATH HOFFA a puppet nigga and said he takes hands up his ass. This round was a tie without a doubt.

In the third round of rhyme battle MATH HOFFA started this round by telling everyone with him to hush. He brought a funny reenactment of AYE-VERB and his hip hop crew going to New York to battle, he even brought up about how I guess Murdah Mooks is gonna supposedly battle AYE-VERB once he gets his money up. MATH HOFFA even was rapping in AYE-VERB's sling for a few punchlines. MATH HOFFA acted like Biggy Smalls for a few of his raps and ended his verse telling AYE-VERB to get off of New York's dick. AYE-VERB spit his verse and started to bring up the fact that a tranny was calling him out but he said he was just kidding. He also said that when Smack asked him to take a shot at MATH HOFFA he asked him which arm basically implying that he wasn't scared. AYE-VERB said that MATH HOFFA doesn't have hot bars he just digs up dirt on his opponent and he even made a reference to his challengers girl and taking over her mind soul and body like an Avatar. This one on one battle is too hard to call and I would say that it's a tie.

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