Thursday, June 24, 2010

Got Beef? Presents: Savij Tung vs Sprungy

Savij Tung started this cypher off first for this round. He started then he stopped I guess he forgot what he wanted to say so his opponent Sprungy started first. He started off by talking crap about his rivals girlfriend. These two rappers were pretty good to be drunk. He started out by saying that when it comes to rhyme battles his opponent is the worst. He said the only real reason his name is Savij Tung is because he ruins every verse that he spits an he's a bitch. He also said that his competitions girl has no tits but he'll still cum on them. Sprungy tried to say that he doesn't care if his adversary thinks that he is a bastard because he got some sex the night before Hanah White and apparently that's Savij Tung girl friend. This funny rapper even went so far to say that he played her because he's far too good for her. The MC tried to imply that he was the worst emcee in his country. He made the statement that New Zealand is a smaller cornier version of his country. The last thing this rapper spoke about was his adversaries last match up. Savij Tung started off this rhyme battle pretty good for a drunk person he held it together. This thorough spitter tried not to be a hypocrite. He told him what he could do earn his respect. He tried to imply that his challenger is a fat idiot. He tried to get syllabic during this round of the rap cypher as well. This lyricist told him to hop on a plane and go back to England. Sprungy won this round of the one on one battle.

In the second round of this very competitive somewhat lyrical match up Sprungy started it off spitting fire. He tried to say that his one one rap cypher's have more views than his opponents. He said that his rival claims to be hard. He was going off the top towards the middle of his verse. He said that he can tournament without rhyming because he is just that good. He said he'll beat his opponent up until he has no body. He even said that he'd cut off the guys head. His delivery was that of a crazy mans. Savij Tung wasted no time calling his rival the offspring of the little Britain cars. He said that he was kicking ass but he needed bigger shoes since he has kicked ass in his time but he said that boy was huge. He tried to say that Sprungy came more so to eat and not to battle and tried to imply that the man goes to sleep dreaming about deserts. He tried to accuse his adversary of using a splash instead of a swipe like the Grind Time Rapper Tiger ty. I would have to say that Savij Tung stayed more consistent throughout this round of the battle with less slip ups and won.

In the third round of this lyrical battle Sprungy seemed to be saying that his rival is from a country that has a rugby team called all blacks but every player is white. He said that Savij Tung's beard is worse than Dirtbag Dan. The crowd was laughing but he didn't seem to know why. He tried to call his adversary's raps inappropriate and say that it's like he adds another o to the vowel sound of everything he spits. He made his own reenactment of the man. The last thing he said was a question. He asked the crowd if they knew what his opponent says in his raps. Savij Tung than spit his verse soon after. He claimed to be about to give Sprungy a history lesson. He said something about using his cannibal instincts to eat them all until there is nothing left but his finger nails and genitals. He said that he' make the challenger his bitch and call him Elizabeth. He made a statement at the end of this rap cypher saying that they live in the southern hemisphere so it isn't football it's soccer. This round was a tie in my opinion.

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