Sunday, June 13, 2010 Rap Battle: Strayt Paper vs Kaine

Kaine started this rhyme cypher off his punchline was thorough when he compared Strayt Paper's girl to a time share. Kaine took a long time to start his rap verse. He even referenced Street Fighter during while he was rhyming. Strayt Paper was spitting his rap verse and kind of reminded me of Loyd Banks. Strayt Paper had a smooth fluent and syllabic rhyme delivery. Strayt Paper won this rap cypher by a little bit, I hate how he got all cocky and it sounded like he ended his rap verse before the clock ran out.

In the second round of the cypher Kaine called Strayt Paper a homo sexual by genetics. He even tried to say that the only reason he got a criminal record is because lied on his taxes. Strayt Paper had a nice fluent rap verse again and he even had a few punchlines about Kaine's girl. This round of the rapping battle was a tie in my opinion.

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