Friday, June 25, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Lyricist Vs ToeToe

ToeToe started this rap battle off He said that he hopes his opponent gets home and finds out that his house had been flooded. He said that he can't figure out his adversary's race. He said that his adversary's fore skin is gone and it ain't coming back. He called his adversary a mistake who's got raped by someone white. He told the crowd that he wasn't racist. He just seemed to be saying anything in his verse. He seemed to have ended rapping first Lyricist started his spitting his raps aggressively. He asked his adversary otherwise known as how he can mistake him for being Chinese and called him a racist. He called ToeToe a squawking bitch. I would say it was more entertaining when he was rap battling. He said that his challenger's couldn't be ill he caught a disease, called Chronicle his personal chewer and tried to imply that the man impaled his face. Lyricist tried to say that his rival in this battle had to ginger kids living in a T.P. and apparently one of them looks like Ronald Weasley. He said that battle rapper known as ToeToe threw his threw his kid through a wall and called him Redzer's little sister with down syndrome. Lyricist won this round of the cypher

ToeToe started his round off saying very little to nothing but he looked funny with his delivery it seemed like he was trying to improvise and freestyle but he couldn't quite pull up the words to spit. For some one from England he didn't sound very proper he didn't make much sense. He said that he forgot his rhymes and started to say something racist. Lyricist supposedly put ToeToe's business on blast about him and his girl having a miscarriage from what he described he found out by looking him up on Myspace but anyways he tried to say that his adversary's girl privately had an abortion because of their financial status. He then started calling his opponents kids homo. He made so many ho rap jokes in this round it's not even funny. Lyricist killed his opponent in this round of the rhyming battle.

In the third round of this rap cypher ToeToe continued to give up what could've been an easy win. He started off a little funny but his rhymes were inconsistent. He said something about hoping that his opponent grows older and called him a dick. Lyricist went in and started flowing right after and went right in and started talking about his bike. He also made more comments about his challenger's girl. He compared her pussy to trampoline springs the way it gets bounced. He said ToeToe's girl get banged all the time and goes to mis carriage doctors on a regular. He compared his adversary to Justin Beaver. Lyricist definitely won this round of the hip hop battle.

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