Friday, June 4, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Krazy Vs Psychosis Holochaust

Psychosis Holochaust started the rap battle making rap jokes about his opponents head but he repeated himself once. Psychosis Holochaustkept the crowd on his toes and had a funny ending. Krazy went sick when he started his round during the cypher. In my opinion Krazy won this round of the cypher based on consistency and his syllabic metaphors.

Psychosis Holochaust made a weird noise when he started rapping while he was spitting and he also messed up in his rap verse. Psychosis Holochaust spit with a taunting style of rap. Krazy started off spitting his verse with a grime rap verse. I loved Krazy's rap joke he made about Krazy mother. Krazy won this round of the cypher based on his rap bars and his rap consistency.

Psychosis Holochaust stumbled on a his rap verse again. Psychosis Hwolochaust tried to call Krazy's girl an internet bride. Krazy brought up more dirt on Psychosis Holochaust when he spit his verse such as the school that he went to and his parents.Psychosis Holochaust won this round of the rap battle in my opinion as well.

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