Friday, June 4, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Redzer Vs MC Dubh *Grudge Match*

Redzer started the cypher first with a syllabic rhyme style. Redzer was a hell of a lyricist. Redzer had a ton of racial slurs and Arab rap jokes in his raps. MC Dubh came straight in this round of of the rap cypher but he didn't have enough metaphors and it didn't help that he stumbled on his rhymes. MC Dubh didn't have too good of a rap delivery. Redzer won this round of the cypher.

Redzer was a well polished rapper in the second round of this cypher and was a thorough rap battler. Redzer had creative punchlines and racial raps about the Arabian rapper MC Dubh. It's ashame how MC Dubh started to flop during his round of the rhyme battle and became silent. I can't believe he was talking junk about Redzer for doing the same thing then turns around and does it. Redzer won this round of the cypher.

Redzer didn't hesitate to take advantage of MC Dubh's mistakes. Redzer had a ton of crowd reaction and a few racial raps. MC Dubh tried to freestyle, it seemed like he forgot his punchlines. Any how Redzer won this rhyme battle in my opinion

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