Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ego Vs. Dred Battle

Ego started the rhyme battle with a creative rap story. I don't know if the story was true or imaginative but personally I'm tired of MC's starting there rap verse talking about a story about how the rap battle came to be because too many battle rappers do it. Not to take anything away from the rapper Ego that boy can spit. Ego's finishing punchline in this round of the rap cypher was when he said He can kill Dred with a hook like candy man. Dred seemed to be freestyling off the top of the dome with his rhymes which I would say was kind of amazing because he held his own and sounded just as good as his opponent Ego but I would say that the way he ended his rap verse was shaky. This round of rhyme battle was a tie.

Ego stepped up his rap rhymes up during this round of this rhyme battle. The first punchline he spit woke the crowd up when he said I hate Reggie like Spike Lee. Ego also had a hard punchline when he referenced to the Soviet Union and his closing punchline might be the best punchline I heard this week about giving the crack head a key to take off Dred's lox, do you get it. Dred went hard with his freestyle raps and managed to stay pretty relevant. Dred had a ton of reaction from the crowd. Ego won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion but Dred was close.

Ego had comedic punchlines and hard punchlines this round of the rap cypher. Ego said that Dred couldn't smell the air if he broke it. Do you get it? My favorite punchlines in this round came from Dred the one when he reffered to stretching before you get in the game and the metaphor about Chucky Cheese were my favorite punchline. I would say Dred is the winner of this short round of the rap cypher but he didn't have as many hard hitting punchlines, He should've went in longer. I'd have to give this rap battle to Ego.


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