Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rachit vs Donnie Menace.mpg

In the first round of the cypher Donnie Menace started this rap cypher making midnight jokes about his rap opponent Rachit in his punchlines. Donnie Menace said Rachit was more like a water gun. Rachit started his verse twisting Donnie Menace's name into Dennis The Menace. Rachit had a few hot punchlines and a slick ending no rhymes worth quoting. Donnie Menace won this round of the rap cypher.

The best punchline to start off this rhyme cypher by calling Rachit a bum and saying he wore the same fitted hat last battle. Donnie Menace had hot punchlines throughout the rap battle but his closing statement was thorough. Rachit had a strong act to follow when it was time to spit his rap bars but he couldn't live up to Donnie Menace. Donnie Menace put it down and won the cypher.

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