Monday, June 21, 2010

KOTD - Grand Prix Finals - Loe Pesci vs Arcane

Loe Pesci started the rap battle he wasn't hesitant to talk about how he toured the nation to represent for Canada. He accused his opponent Arcane of harassing foreigners. He said he wanted to get piffed up and heard that that Arcane had that white rhino but he was talking about his ecko jeans. Loe Pesci brought up the fact that he had so many views and that Arcane got his views off of somebody else. He said on Halloween Arcane was harassing his black neighbors on Holloween. Arcane spit fire when it was time for his verse and making jokes about his challengers nose . He said that Loe Pesci like snorting coke. Arcane asked him why is he always touching his nose he has no expensive heat. Arcane tried to say that Loe Pesci is having an identity crisis because his real last name is Kumar an Arabic last name and he this is the second last name he used with an Italian ending. He tried to say that Loe Pesci thinks he's Joe Pesci. Arcanesurely won this round of the hip hop cypher.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Loe Pesci said Skelly's girl wants to beat Arcane up I don't know if it's true but I guess it's worth speculation. He started out with a pretty good dam performance. He tried to call Arcane an old man and he started off thorough but he started to messed up and forget his punchlines. He had more old people rap jokes. Loe Pesci tried to call Arcane a racist some more and said he has African female slaves in his basement like Abrham Lincoln. Loe Pesci seemed he was little madder. He finished off by saying he'd chop Arcane up and place him in compartments for everyday of the week. Arcane decided to give him racial rap jokes since he kept on talking about and brought up the fact that Arabians don't shave. Arcane tried to say that Loe Pesci is ashamed of his heritage. He even brought up the fact that Loe Pesci's father has a diner and he works there in the back doing dishes supposedly. He said the food had an awful taste and his father asked him is the food o.k. so he called him names. Arcane won this round with his racist punchlines.

In the third round of the cypher Loe Pesci said that in World War 1 he survived the collapse of the Austria Hungarian empire. He said Arcane is on some magic shit. He said that Arcane works 7 days a week at Ikea. Loe Pesci said that Arcane slip past each round like Neo from the matrix. Loe Pesci started to slip up during his round of this cypher. In this last round of the rhyme battle Arcane put Loe Pesci's real business out on the table about him molesting his sister. He said he was gonna brake his Ikea check to give Loe Pesci money to get a hair cut. Arcane said at the end of the battle that his opponent needs to step his life game up. Arcane won this round of the one on one battle.

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