Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Cadalack Ron vs Knowledge Medina

Knowledge Medina started the rap battle spitting about how he would leave his opponent in a hospital stretcher because he came to get his positive record back. He called his rivals over. He called his adversary a fake in my opinion basically and that he should just keep on battling kids. The last rhyme he spit was a reference to Sean Conner. Cadalack Ron then went up to spit his verse next but not before criticizing his opponent's ability to put rhymes together. He started this rap cypher saying that he came to expose Knowledge Medina and said he was a bitch. He said that his rival never seen hard times and never seen crack and wasn't ghetto. He said the hardest time his adversary has in life is trying to figure out what hat to wear. He ended his verse saying that his opponent reminded him of a transvestite. Cadalack Ron won this round of rap battle in my opinion.

In the second round of this cypher Knowledge Medina wasted no time at going in. He said if his opponent had guns he wouldn't shoot him. He called his rival an ugly stripper. He mentioned Rhetoric throwing up L.A. backwards. He told his rival that he would grow in time but his style is retarded and for slower people. He tried to get on his adversary's rap style and he takes too long to get his rhymes out and called him the skeleton with the shades from the 9 5 eyewear logo. Cadalack Ron started his verse saying, "yo you wanna diss my music bitch?" He also continued to call his challenger a homo. He said that he had orgies with diseased ridden freaks while his rival was a geek jerking off to the Source every week. This round of the lyrical battle was a tie.

Knowledge Medina started this round of the rap cypher he started off saying that he heard his adversary's first album and it basically sucked. He also proceeded to male fun of the fact that his opponent uses drugs. He tried to say that his rivals kids won't live past birth I guess because he uses all those drugs and tried to call him an old man. Cadalack Ron went hard he didn't hesitate to spit those racist raps. He said that Knowledge Medina skin is so greasy it should come with a wet nap. This round of the rapping battle was a tie.

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