Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Animal house fat boy vs HI

HI started the rap clash off. The cypher was interesting in the beginning. HI had a ton of low down gangsta raps to spit his rhyme scheme was quite one dimensional. HI bragged about his girls and his rims his girls and didn't hesitate to call himself the shit. It seemed like HI was freestyle rapping towards towards the end of his rap verse. This round of the cypher was a tie. Fat boy had a funny charismatic rap delivery and his punchlines were hitting hard bar for bar. Fat boy had a wide array of rap jokes on HI from calling him fagged out to everything that you can think of. Fat boy won this round of the cypher.

In the second round of the cypher HI continued to spit hard rap verses in this round. HI had too many elementary rhymes. HI wasn't doing too bad of a job at spitting a freestyle rap when he ran out of punchlines Fat boy proceeded to make more rap jokes and funny punchlines. It was funny when Fat boy he said HI's been with his girl for three years and she makes him sleep on the couch and when he talks about HI's girl bringing him some chips back. Fat boy was too funny and he won this rap battle for sure.

In the third round of this rap competion HI stepped it up a tad bit my favorite punchline was when referred to a chain saw and when he he refers to his boys playing kangaroo jack. HI stepped up his rap style up and the way his rap verse ended was smoother than the first two rounds. Fat boy spit his rap bars by saying he'll give props for spitting a hot verse but he's not winning not winning. Fat boy said HI looks like Big momma from Soul food and he made reference to the classic hip hop movie Juice. Fat boy won this round of hip hop battle.

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