Monday, August 23, 2010


WRITTENZ started the cypher first talking about how he rather get on the block and pith instead of work. He claimed that he about to serve P.T as well and tried to imply that he doesn't have a bunch of fly stuff and guns. He called his opposition a stroller and said that he was the coldest nigga. He said that his adversary tells a whole bunch of jokes and try to crack on people. His delivery was in your face rough and claimed he would make his opponent disappear. He said he would rob his rival for coming to his strip. P.T started his rap verse and said that WRITTENZ called him a stroller which might get him. He accused his challenger of being a homo nigga spitting and asked the crowd what he was on. He accused his opposition of looking like a video game character and accused him of cross dressing. His lyricist skills were hard and his punchlines were sick. P.T won this round of the rhyme battle by a tad bit more.

In the second round WRITTENZ went into this match talking about attacking his P.T. He said he heard his adversary's first round and said he didn't kick nothing. He said something about his oppositions crew not joining the circus yet and said that his nigga's hit the studio. He tried to call his adversary's music quality bad and called him a light skinned dick rider who should be named Pinky. P.T started his verse in this lyrical cypher saying lets get this party started and said either his challenger is stupid or half retarded. He said with his weak rhymes and his lyrical skills were thorough when he went in to rhyme this battle. He said that his rival is not a crook and told him he it's not gangster to own a pink phone with homo ring tones. He said that his opponent could chew his way out of prison. P.T won this round of the MC clash.

In the third round of this rap tournament WRITTENZ into rap and tried to imply that his oppositions. He spit about how fast he gets drugs off and compared the moves he makes oon the streets to basketball games. He accused his opponent of being all talk them he messed up and I guess he forgot his rhyme for this round. P.T claimed that his WRITTENZ was a cheer leader and warned him about what he would do if lost. He said that he wasn't as dumb as he looks. He compared his lyrics to his challengers selection of clothes. Based on he way he was talking I guess he was freestyle rapping. In my educated opinion P.T won this round of the rapping battle.

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