Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Kollision vs Dirt (Tryout Battle)

Kollision started the rap battle spitting his verse like an announcer talking about Dirt and asked him why there is a thirty year old even trying out. He called his adversary a homeless looking bitch that is dirty. He said that his adversary messaged him on Myspace and he said that he screwed his sister. He accused him of eating his own sister out. Dirt called Kollision a screw face and told him to listen and seemed to be messing up at the beginning. He jumped in and accused his rival of getting duck taped and butt raped in prison and accused him of watching 8 Mile a lot. He accused his adversary of looking like Bret Michaels and said that he heard his voice over a beat and said there was nothing there. He had thorough punchlines and I dug the way he put rhymes together. He told his adversary to get him a box of dutches. This round of the match was a tie.

Kollision said that he was playing for 3 and 0 with no possible O.T. for the second round of the lyrical showdown. He said that his Dirt voice is too deep to understand and called him a pedophile and his favorite cologne is teen spirit and he switched the guys name up right quick. He accused his adversary of turning man to bitch like Tyler Perry and accused his adversary of sucking a penis. He said that his adversary got knocked trying to hustle and said that his adversary sucks as a hustler but sucks worse as a boss. He called his opponent old tried to imply that he should have been the one who died. Dirt went in to rap next and he was a thorough lyricist. He said that Kollision sounds like a nerd. He accused his opponent of impersonating Kevin Federline and said that his adversary should shoot himself in the head instead of rhyme. He told his adversary that he was a joke to him. He mentioned Iron Solomon as well. This round of the rap cypher was a tie.

Kollision started to rap next and said lets make this clearer and called his Dirt a fruit that kept on staring at his Addams apple. He called Dirt's mother and seemed to be calling her loose. he tried to call his opponent a fake. He called this battle maximum carnage and claimed that he would get part of his opponents team to hit him up. He said that he would find his kids just to tel them that there father is a bum and a chicken that needs to dis appear. Dirt went in to rap next an called Kollision a fake crook. He tried to imply that his adversary is terrible at spitting and accused him of not holding a ratchet. He called adversary's Adams apple mind boggling and claimed that he tried wallowing Iron Solomon. He told his opposition to find a bottle and chill instead of trying to find a following and called him a rhyming reject. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of this rap battle Dirt went in and told Kollision to shut up when a track is on. He claimed that he doesn't mess with whack songs and compared him to Asher Roth. He called his adversary a prick and said that he would say a minute long fabrication and said DzK denied doing tracks with his challenger. This round was clearly spent telling his adversary's life story and called him a geek. he ended off saying this was his house bye. Dirt then went in to defend himself against Kollision and was spitting deep metaphor raps that were kind of hard to figure out at first and said that his adversary begged to begged to be a Grind Time Rapper. He accused his opponent of giving him a swim suit. This round of the lyricist clash was a tie in my opinion

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