Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Streetwise vs Water

Streetwise started the rap cypher first and said he was told that he battling Water than accused him of getting into scuffles. He said that he found out he was up against water he would smack a puddle out of him. He was going hard and I was feeling what he had to say until he said he was gonna bring the tidal wave and leave his adversary dying from dehydration, I mean wouldn't he have died from drowning or suffocation. His next few rhymes weren't bad though He ended by saying ho he would throw his rival out the window I thought he was looking in the camera too much though he should have been back and fourth. Water went in to rap next and didn't hesitate to say. He started telling his adversary that he isn't streetwise he is street dumb and called his opponent a bum. He accused his adversary of watching too much Smack judging by the way that he raps and claimed to have strong will. He threatened that his adversary would die like a bitch if worse came to worse and called him fag. He called his rival a small time competitor. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of this match Streetwise went in claiming he was efficient and claimed he didn't need a cell phone to kill Water long distance. He said that he would knock his rival out and leave his brains on the sky line. He said Grind Time would see K's if his opposition got out of line like initials on the and claimed he would take his insides out and put them in like custom Cadillac seats. He seemed to be claiming hat his rival hangs with transvestites and compared to himself to Mike Tyson at a spelling B. Water claimed that he was vicious and has a mean knuckle game and called Streetwise the type that would run fast. He claimed that his adversary got raped so he wears a mask and claimed to be a drunk driver. His verse was way more lyrical. He called his rival a broad that's sweet and told him to turn the other cheek. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the tournament Streetwise went in asking why he should cop the grill and compared himself to Bobby Seal. He said that he would shoot Water's grand mothers grand mother. He said that he would get his paper and run up on his moms with a Big Kanon. He threatened to leave his opponents brains in the sink so what ever he thinks is leaking. They called time on him but he had more rhymes to say. Water then went in to rap and claimed that he loves to eat beef and drink on the spoiled milk. He compared his adversary to oil spilled and said Streetwise does what the women do and called himself the street priest. He called his rival the weak link and claimed to use Martial Arts.

In the fourth round of the cypher Water claimed that when he likes to beat up MC's until they turn into a liquid. He said Streetwise's remain's got him like a bird out the cage and said he burns nerves when he blazes. He said he licks up blood stains and said he does a routine on a single beam challenge. Streetwise then went in and said that his verses are lyrical. He said that he would leave Water brain gravy and he had a hyper delivery but in my opinion he didn't say anything better than his opponent. He proclaimed that his opposition a dead man. In my opinion both rappers were just as good with lyrics but Streetwise won based on delivery.

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