Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Screem vs 12 Gauge (Tryout Battle)

Screem started the first round of the rap battle and said something about 12 Gauge's last match. He said that two years from now his his adversary would still be in his hood rapping and said that he would end up working part time at Foot Action. He said something about Sara Kana, DNA, and Soul Khan's nose. He called his adversary a punk and accused him of having a boy group. 12 Gauge accused Screem of getting racist and told him to be fearing. he accused his opposition of spelling his name wrong. He called his opposition of being a hypocrite and not knowing which side he was on and told him he looked Spanish and claimed he is who he is where he is where ever he's at. He said that he seen his opposition's last battle and said that during this one he better come right. He accused him of coming from a hood that's mostly white and said his neighborhood ain't even worth a subway system. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie.

Screem started the second round of the rap cypher bringing up 12 gauge claiming to have looked him up on the search engine and not being able to find him. He said he decided to kill his opponent and tell Robin Thick that his momma is a bitch. He called his opposition's mother a red neck and horrible. He claimed to be killing his rival with ease and called himself Bruce Willis. He told his adversary to stop inviting fagots to the show. 12 gauge said that Screem is probably a couple of nationality's and said he would send him back to Puerto Rico in a hers. He said that his opponent can say what he wants and called his country the shape of his dick. 12 gauge won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of the rap battle Screem said that he could probably think of one person worse than 12 gauge's which was Luckyiam in the eye wear commercial. He claimed hat he could get his opponent on her knees on the first day and said that in real life his name is probably Neil. He called his rival a huge embarrassment and said homo thugs have a few advantages. He claimed that his opponent said that breasts that his son could suck on. 12 gaugewent intothis round of the cypher claiming that he was gonna put his adversary on the spot. He called his adversary corny for wearing socks and called his opponent more. He said that his opponents is more pussy than Diggz, C4, Lethal and d boy put together. He cursed at his opponent and two middle fingers up to Ice Grill and mentioned when animals attack. He then stared to rap a little while longer but seemed to have messed up.

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