Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: P.C. vs Chicago's Own

Chicago's Own started the rap battle first saying that P.C.'s mother got knocked up by some nigga and said that he took him under his wing as a son. He claimed that his opponents mother could give good head and accused him of getting picked on in school as a little kid. It was a creative story he accused his opposition of having whack punchlines and being a failure. He accused his opponent of spending money on kids that aren't his and bragged about the weed he smokes and brought up Syah Boy and Jon Jon Da Don. P.C. went into the battle with a laid back swag when he spit and didn't hesitate to say that Chicago's Own can't beat in fact he said that the guy had a better chance at getting into Yale. He apparently thought of himself as the best in the division. His performance was funny.He tried to call his adversary a liar and tried to cal his adversary a snitch. He had a few clever metaphors during this round. P.C. won this round of the rhyme battle by a little bit more in my opinion.

Chicago's Own then went back at it again calling P.C. a worthless nigga and tried to imply that if he died his family wouldn't care. He said that he would leave his adversary looking like a big napkin. He claimed that the hood runs trains on his adversary's girl. He called his opponent a undercover fag and accused him getting sodomized by his cell mate. He compared this match to David vs Goliath. He said he would shoot the crap out of his opposition than said he doesn't need to. P.C. went into this cypher and talked Chicago's Own's girl and accused him of kissing her right after. His verse was real creative I was feeling it and couldn't finish the rest he said he would wait until round 3. P.C. won this round of the rap clash for rhymes and creative.

Chicago's Own started his round in this rhyme battle and said that P.C.'s getting exposed like the people who fucked kat stacks. He called his rival a pussy and accused him of lacking balls. He compared his adversary to Joey Jihad and mentioned Hollow Da Don, Conceited, and math hoffa. He got real lyrical and syllabic as well. He made fun of his jeans calling them tight and tried to call him a fagot. P.C. went in and said his rhymes were Nathan. He finished the story that he started in round 2 and said that he ended up leaving and sending his adversary's girl a text message. He claimed that when he was in his adversary's house he didn't see any of those guns that he raps about. P.C. won this round of the cypher.

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