Monday, August 23, 2010


SMIRF started the rap battle and tried to imply to RONNIE G that he wasn't a gangster. He compared his opponents name to a picture without a frame and called his opponents flow an old last year flow then said 2009. He said screw all the hating. He claimed to be higher than the sky scrapers and said that he would leave him with one eye open like the Raiders. His flow wasn't bad and he was damn skill full. He also brought up his adversary's battle history accusing him of losing to Lil Nae. He claimed to be a young nigga and the best. He warned his adversary about dissing him. RONNIE G then went in to spit his rhymes and said he could run up on SMIRF and bust him in the head but he rather chill in the house. He said that if it's beef he'd bus shells if his challenger snitches on him for what ever reason and said mad stuff about his opponents girl. He compared shooting to catching a mosquito. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of this rhyme clash SMIRF called RONNIE G an inconsistent bitch. He called his opposition a dick swallower and other things almost every name in the book. He referred to twitter then called his opposition a fish. He implied that he would leave his adversary in his own blood and compared him to Navy Seal. He compared his opponent to Payton Manning. He just went on and was going on talking about how many guns he has. RONNIE G then went in to rap cursing at SMIRF and every one who is light skinned or some may say high yellow. He accused his challenger of being a molester and may have been freestyle rapping because he was saying anything. He tried to say that his opponent is living a dike life and compared him to white rice. The end of his verse was super lyrical and his delivery was exciting. RONNIE G won this round of the rap cypher.

In the third round of the cypher SMIRF gave a shot out to who ever set up the cypher and said he would catch RONNIE G slipping one time hopping out of his car. He bragged about his home boy coming home from jail and still having his mind in the gutter. He claimed to be after a million and compared his shooting skills to his girl friend and he ended claiming body bag. RONNIE G started his verse in this cypher and said that SMIRF had a crew full of lames. He said that his challenger never went up against somebody like him and claimed to be nothing like them others. He compared going up against him to playing madden with a nigga with not thumb. He called his opposition the type that he loves to hate. RONNIE G won this round of the rap battle in this pretty evenly matched round.

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