Saturday, August 21, 2010

Velocirappers presents: Kujo vs MC Assrash

Kujo started the rap battle first showing every one that he has guts and asked MC Assrash a question. He claimed this cypher was an uneven match up and made jokes about his opponents name. He claimed that his rival was just a pimple and when the time comes he'd simply pop him. He said hat his adversary looks like a bird and said that his opponent's girl is only with him because that's the closest thing she could get to a black guy. He said usually makes momma jokes and talks about screwing peoples mother but said his oppositions mother is too fat to say those type of things. He seemed to have a numerous amount of slip ups through out his rap verse and MC Assrash went in to spit and seemed to be reading off a sheet I sware the next battle i get like like this is going on my lame Rap Battles page. He said that he heard that Kujo won a cypher last week. He claimed that he seen his challenger with his other on Maury. He tried to imply that his rival didn't finish his stages of evolution. This round of the lyrical match was a tie.

In the second round of this writ-tens tournament Kujo accused MC Assrash with using Jamaican slangs to greet people and seemed to be calling him a suicide bomber. He accused his opposition of blowing clouds when he passes gas. He seemed to be making masturbation jokes about his opponent and I sware his verse in this round was much shorter. MC Assrash went in on his next round using some of Kujo's last punchlines against him and accused his mother being more of a man than he is. It seems that he tried make homo jokes on his opponent and accused him of using tweezers to masturbate. He ended his round of the cypher warning his opponent. MC Assrash won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the third of the rap tournament Kujo started by calling MC Assrash a caramel cracker. He said his opponent is as skinny as a tooth pick and spit about wrestling. He said lyrically his opponent is a Pinto and his rival a monster truck. He compared himself and his opposition to restaurants and ended by telling him he has been served. MC Assrash then went in to the cypher and called Kujo a loser and said Kangaroo Jack is more gangster. He tried to call his his opposition a mistake to had ever been born. He compared his rival to Staples. This round of the lyrical competition was a tie.

In the last round of this rhyme battle MC Assrash went in to rhyme next and asked if Kujo were kidding him because he couldn't believe this cypher was a tie. He claimed that what he has spoken is incomparable. he compared himself to Street fighter and seemed to be imitating a character during his delivery. He said that he would sperm on his opponents face. He said he'd beat his opponent until his neck breaks. Kujo started this rap clash telling a whole story his oppositions family story calling his father a homo and mother and sister a whore. In my opinion this round of the written rap battle was a tie.

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