Monday, August 30, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Nikko Da Niggro Vs Killa Question

Nikko Da Niggro started the first round of this round of this lyrical battle and said fuck a battle rap claiming that he would stab Killa Question. He said that he wasn't a DJ but he scratches and compared himself to Alley cats. This guy is funny I might just buy his CD I need a laugh but anyways he isn't bad though. He called his adversary's clan whack and called himself a pain in the ass. He seemed to be freestyle rapping. Killa Question went in to rap next and seemed to be calling Nikko Da Niggro a pain in the ass and seemed to be asking for an applause. He said that his rhyming is too hot and seemed to be calling him shit. I wasn't really feeling his verse it didn't seem strong enough. Killa Question won this round of the freestyle match in my opinion.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Nikko Da Niggro started with his goofy swag and claimed he would make his opposition choke. He stated the fact that he was clearly freestyle rapping. He claimed to be a boss and called Killa Question a cunt. He seemed to have compared his flow to a sewer and said that his throat and heart bleed from smoking weed. I'm mad he called him self old school and said he makes his tracks on Tape cassette. Killa Question went into spit next and asked Nikko Da Niggro who he was and mocked his opponents performance. He claimed that his adversary would probably sell him self for food. He was way too inconsistent Nikko Da Niggro won this round of the freestyle tournament.

In the third round of the lyrical cypher Nikko Da Niggro spit his raps goofy again and I can't help but to wonder does he get any pussy? I'm not trying to mock him but damn that nigga is goofy and if i act like that over here I would never get laid but anyways big ups to him he is hilarious. He reminded me of a court gesture when he was rapping maybe they should give him a red nose while he is rapping he was a clown. He should battle Tiger Ty. He claimed to spit it right while Killa Question spits it wrong. He said he was weird guy and said his adversary battled in cardboard box. Killa Question started freestyle rapping his verse and said if doesn't win the judges must be dumb and kept on taking swigs of beer while he was rapping. He claimed that his adversary was the result of Whitney Houston having sex without a rubber. Nikko Da Niggro won this round of the rap cypher.

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