Monday, August 30, 2010

The Draft Presents Daze Vs Paranormal

Daze started the rap cypher first and said he doesn't think he should call this a battle and said he was gonna brand Paranormal. He claimed that his adversary is usually known for losing and choking. He said that his rival making a mix tape is a bitch and accused him of not being able to fit in a recording booth. He referred to his adversary as being Andy Milonakis and said he wasn't sure if the reason he chokes is because food is caught in his throat or because he Panics. He claimed that the video had to be shot in Panoramic just to see his adversary and implied that his rival had a small penis size due to being over weight. He called his opposition an obese virgin that watches porn. Paranormal started the rap battle off calling Daze whack and said that his nose makes Soul Khan's look like Michael Jackson's. He claimed that his challenger is getting old and is soft and claimed that his muscles won't mean anything when he is meeting his maker. He expressed a complexed scheme of how he would murder his opponent but seemed to copying a scene from a movie in this round of the cypher. This round of the Hip Hop battle was a tie in my opinion.

For more about Daze click here to read a whole interview with him

In the second round of the match Daze went into rhyme mentioned about how Paranormal raps in a league called When Animalz Attack and referred to his adversary as being an elephant. He said that his opponent doesn't stop because he chokes it's to catch his breath after the last four words that he spoke and then seemed to be implying that his rival can jerk himself off with his stomach. He said that his adversary heard there was a fork in the road so he took out dinner plate, do you get it? He claimed that his adversary looked like a woman growing a mustache. He claimed that his adversary rapping is like connecting his beard and mustache. Paranormal went into spit his verse calling his adversary indistinguishable from the crowd and spitting like the rest. He called his adversary a full grown pussy and claimed to see pubes growing on his chest and asked his opponent if he was a drug addict. He seemed to be implying that his rival rigs explosives to Lawn Mowers and claimed that he has two sisters a mother and an aunt that was fatter than him. He claimed that he gets head from the both of them and called his challenger's girl a groupie. This round of the MC clash was a tie in my opinion.

For more about Daze click here to read a whole interview with him

In the third round of this rap cypher Daze went in to rap and claimed to be bow legged maybe as a counter on what Paranormal last said. He wished death on his adversary and said he'd humps his adversary's girl in the mouth and stick his fist in her snatch. He basically spent a lot of this verse implying that he would beat his adversary's ass. He said that he would cut his oppositions penis off and shove it down his throat then brought a stage prop of him touching a skinny kid with his shirt off and when i see it yea it looks like a fat kid but I want to know if it's really him an this is the second time it was shown during a battle. He said that he would punch his adversary in the lungs and pull his through his tits. He claimed that his brain was infected. Paranormal went in to call himself an everyday guy and called his Daze homo then tried to compare him to a Village Person. he started to get on the guys swag then started to mess up. He then cursed and had a long pause. He then ended by telling his adversary today wouldn't be his day and that he probably likes speedo's. He then called out SHOTGUN SUGE, HITMAN HOLLA, Iron Solomon and MATH HOFFA subliminally. He ended by saying his adversary punched like a bitch. In my opinion Paranormal won this round of the rap battle.

For more about Daze click here to read a whole interview with him

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