Friday, August 27, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Rugged vs Topr

Rugged went in to the match claiming that people kept on asking him why he was battling Top R and he claimed that it was so he can use some of his old jokes. He said that his opponent has been out since before the Days of Run D.M.C. and accused him of having back problems. He compared his adversary to a face on a pizza box and claimed to be doing him a favor by ripping his face off. He tried to imply that his opponent is a racist and tried to call him a rock head. Top R claimed to have had a party a day before and said that Rugged's chick showed up but she was too ugly to rape. He accused his challengers girlfriend of jumping out of his birthday cake then said he punched her in the face. He said at first he thought his adversary's name was gimmick and He made and Arabic joke about him. He started giving his opposition name suggestions and called him an ugly dude. He accused his adversary of wiping his ass with his hands. Top R won this round of the rap battle in my opinion.

In the second round of the cypher Rugged anxiously went in to rhyme and told Top R that it's time he know the truth. He accused his adversary of thinking that he is known in the Underground rap scene when he really isn't and said that he should have more respect to him. He claimed that his opposition lives in the Carolina's and said that he was so ugly that as a young kid his father didn't keep any pictures of him. He claimed to have beat Reverse Live and said had his rhymes have the weakest concepts. Top R seemed to be implying when he started off that Rugged was spreading internet rumors and claimed that after he knocks him out he'd be out in a flash like night crawler. He cursed at his challenger's religion and it's holy traditions. He said that instead of taking pills he should have called a doctor and made fun of his hair line. He accused his adversary of acting hurt in security if he can't pass the inspection and claimed that he doesn't have half of his stripes. He ended this verse claiming to have done more tours in the last year than his challenger has done in his life. Top R won this round of the rap battle in my opinion.

In the third round of the cypher Rugged went in and said that Top R can criticize his culture and compare religions. He accused his adversary of supporting terrorism when he accepted the match and claimed to be there on a mission to recruit him. He said to save it with the big talk because nobody believes him. He said that he would tell him to go on a diet bit he'd probably go on two because one wouldn't feed him enough. He said that every Sunday his rival goes to churches chicken and said that he could claim his stomach on his taxes. He claimed to be in the strip clubs with the finest hoes and best dancers. He said that his adversary's face looks like he has breast cancer. Top R went in to spit and had a syllabic verse. He said that he would serve Rugged's chick and basically turn her out. He was a thorough lyricist and tried to call him a muscle head. He said that every girl his opponent ever had sex with acts like they have sand in there vagina. He said by the judgement of his name he's probably qualified to do oil changes. Top R won this round of the rhyme battle.

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