Friday, August 20, 2010

J-DICE VS Shotty

Shotty started the rap cypher first and said get the cake. He claimed that they were biting his style. He said that his crew is gorillas and talked about hopping out his whip. He said he'd approach J-DICE then he'd poke him until he can't breath and claimed to have to carry his guns with a wheel chair. He spit that he thought it was rental time and claimed a lot of nigga's is two faced. He claimed that he keeps a lawyer on him because cats be giving names like a caller ID. He called himself a bartender because the shots he is giving out. He told his adversary if he claims that he is balling then show him. J-DICE went in to spit his verse and it was like a freestyle verse in my opinion. He began by calling Shotty a little nigga three times and called him uglier in person. He compared opponent to Eddie Murphy and said some thing about his braids. He talked about how he would give his opposition a swirly. He had a story to tell about the Hill House days and claimed he use to give his adversary wedgies and he even mentioned SC. He accused his adversary of laying with a fag. His delivery throughout his verse was more animated than his opponent . This round of the cypher was won by J-DICE in my opinion.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Shotty started off the second round of this competition saying that if he see's J-DICE late night he would shoot him then punch him. He claimed that hands are quick and he's all about the bread. He said that he has a different type of flow. He said you better know your role and claimed that if he can't do it it can't be done. He brought up T mobiles and side kicks then said something about Newhallville aka the ville and used J-DICE's past lyrics against him. He tried to imitate him and tried to say that his adversary doesn't shoot guns. He brought it to another level in this round. J-DICE started spitting next in this rap clash and said that this was exactly what he means. He continued with his in your face delivery and seemed that after this round there would be no purpose for round three. He tried to call Shotty a thief. He accused his adversary of stealing a whole bowl of chicken. He even called his opposition a broke homeless nigga. He said that he would shoot a path through his adversary's body and call it the yellow brick road. He called his opponent a pussy nigga. He told his adversary that he is not from Philly told him he looks silly and threatened to leave him under water like the Virginia turnpike. he told his adversary that he wasn't really a villain and asked him what he was gonna do. He compared shotty to a basket ball player and seemed to have compared shooting him to pass interference. He also accused the boy of getting beat up at Gotham. This round was like a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the tournament Shotty started off saying that his boys go hard and said that he was getting cheese call him cheddar man and said his pockets are flooded with money now call the weather man. He seemed to be keeping his flow nice and slow so everybody would hear every word. He said that J-DICE's girl called him a magician so he gave her the magic stick. He brought up Jay-quan and said he likes to Hood Hop and he called J-DICE a snitch. He tried to accuse his adversary of getting beat up at Hill House and asked him how he could mack with stink breath. He also elaborated on his ice and claimed he had weight. He called his opponent trash. J-DICE then went in to rap and claimed that Shotty was sleeping on him. He called his challenger a little nigga and implied giving him a beaten. He said told him to try some thing dumb and said he would leave his funeral with a lot of views then bragged about his then he called him self a world star. He made a lot of references to the internet and the computer. He said that when he raps he points fingers and he would check mate his adversaries chest. He accused his opposition of popping pills and mention SC. He mentioned something about getting kicked off of URL aka The Ultimate Rap league and then started talking crap about Shotty's girl giving head. He mentioned Hell Rell, Camron, and Dipset. He ended by saying he could get his oppositions honey barbecued. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

In the last round of the rap competition Shotty went in and started rhyming and said a lot of nigga's act hard until he pulls out his gun and shoots out his grill. He claimed that he is in the hood like getting ass you get it deep metaphor and claimed that he keeps the pump in his car like he is getting gas. He claimed to be giving shot but it ain't from a camera. He told J-DICE that the only thing he's cranking is Soulja boy and said that he smokes enough haze to be stuck super glue. He said he would remove his top and let his brains hang. J-DICE then went in spitting and said that Shotty got big dreams. He compared his flow to R kelly and said that he pees on sixteen bar verses. He told Shotty that he's ahead of himself and said he clear his opposition out. This round of the hip hop battle was a tie in my opinion.

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