Monday, August 23, 2010

Chicago Battlegrounds Vol. 4: Santa Clauz vs D Eagle

Santa Clauz claimed to be heavily armed and said he shows no remorse and threatened to choke D Eagle's spinal chord. He claimed to have kidnapped his land lord and said he keeps a long horn and claimed he was Santa Clause and he'd come down the chimney. He said that his raps are whack. He said he would leave his adversary under water like a DC diver and finished off by saying he'd light up his opponent like DJ Green Lantern. D Eagle seemed to be claiming he would blow Santa Clauz in the air like weed smoke and compared D Eagle to a sour diesel blunt. He said he would go to his opponents family picnic with every on there and shoot at every one there. He said that he would put more hawks to his adversary's head than Mr T and claimed to be a silent killer. He said he'd light his challengers head up like a Christmas tree. He claimed that his opponent worships the females that he treats like garbage. This round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Santa Clauz called D Eagle a geek and a nerd then compared him to an Everest commercial. He said that his left will hurt his opposition while his right will kill him and said he be having sex with his whole family. He said since his adversary's man wants to dick ride he would battle them both at the same time. He asked his opponent where are the dollars at and he elaborated on how he would beat up him. He made fun of his opponents grandfather as well and called his brother a fag. D Eagle then went in and said first off middle finger to Santa Clauz. He also called his opponents fake hustlers stunting like trapping nigga's and he called himself a caterpillar. He called himself the king with the diesel and told his adversary's to keep still. He said he's like lesbian sex. He said why do a song with him when when he could put his girl on the track. This round of the cypher was a tie.

In the third round of the lyrical battle Santa Clauz went in and claimed to be beating D Eagle's ass until his mother came out the front door. He said that she tried to break it up but until she hit her with a brick. He even said he beat his father down after and tried to make penis joke about his opponent as well. He tried to call his adversary a fagot and said that he came home ashamed. D Eagle then went in to rap and spit his verse. He accused Santa Clauz of rolling with a group of sluts and she is the head buster and said that his girl has a fat pussy. He called his opponent a punk and said he'd get him jumped. He just focused mostly on expressing how he shoots people and called out Big Kanon then called his opposition a fat clown. I think D Eagle may have just won this round of the rap battle.

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