Tuesday, August 31, 2010


LIL D went in to rap first and said he was waiting for a victim and said he would leave HOTSPITTER's face looking like it got kicked. He said he would give his adversary a hole in his head like a slow leak. He said that his trap house is booming and says he does his thing in rapping. He claimed that crack sells good but but not a good as dope and called his opposition a pussy that would get screwed with a dido. He claimed for the record he was't a battle rapper and described that he shoots a gun with two lasers. He said that he had a hundred round gun and claimed he doesn't like rap battling. He said hat he'd take half of his oppositions head off like a fade. HOTSPITTER then went in to rap next and said to LIL D that he ain't the type of nigga that you wanna be cool with. he was thorough with the lyrical skills I would say. He said that he heard heard someone had his adversary running like two and a half blocks. He said that his adversary and his mans don't clap off heat. He claimed to remembers when his challenger use to rap off beat. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

LIL D went in to the second round of this cypher saying that the first round was just a practice. He told his rival just to chill because he shoots at will and said his adversary better guard his grill when he shoots body shots. He claimed that he had the battle and it was a piece of cake. He accused his rival of trying to be a hero without a cape and compared himself to Maino claiming to throw people off of Sky Scrapers. He claimed to be rich and has his own maids. HOTSPITTER went in to rap claiming that he doesn't need an introduction and claimed to have a lot of money and stacks that were taller than him himself. He claimed that he wasn't cautious to let his K go and said that he was tired of being funny. He choked right quick and said He claimed that he was. LIL D won this round of the cypher.

In the third round of the LIL D said three rounds with him is just like three rounds with Mike Tyson and said his adversary. He told a story about leaving his and said that HOTSPITTER was a pussy and the rap game doesn't need him. He then told a story about being out side in the bushes wearing Army fatigue. He claimed to be the talk of the city and said his name is in every bodies conversation. He said that he would come to his adversary's block in a tinted out space ship. HOTSPITTER said that if LIL D really wants it then he can get it and get done up. He claimed to come through spraying like Graffiti and proceeded to freestyle about his guns. He claimed that if his adversary didn't him he should get out of his face. He finished off his verse comparing himself to Delta.


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