Saturday, August 21, 2010


BLESS started the rhyme battle telling YOUNG JERZ that he's playing in fire. He looked in the camera and said welcome to the abortion clinic and called his opposition a fraud and a square. He said that his rival wouldn't catch a body if he thew his daughter in the air. He claimed to be rapping for his home boys in prison waiting to get there cuffs off. He said that his adversary's flow is made for the chickens and threatened to go to the projects that his adversary chills in. He tried to call his oposition whack and said that he could play pool nice. YOUNG JERZ started off the his verse in this cypher calling BLESS trash and called himself a Hustler. He said that he lives in the streets and accused his opponent crew of looking at him like why he ain't signed. He said for talking to much his opposition would lose his teeth. He claimed not to even need to get a gun and warned his opponent to act wise. He bragged about his ice making it cool on a hot day. YOUNG JERZ slipped some syllabics in to his raps as well showing how lyrical he could get. He said that his guns could make his challenger travel through time. He claimed to have laced up his Air Force's and said that his bullets got springs in them. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the match BLESS told YOUNG JERZ to stop rhyming and told him to goback with his pops fixing motors on whips then tried to get him to jump off his roof. He implied that his adversary was a pussy and said that he isn't sick at all. He compared his oppositions guns to an orphan and said he has a chick with a big ego. He said his girl would shoot up rival and said that he messes with his girl. He compared his adversary to a bitch and implied that his album wouldn't sell. YOUNG JERZ started rapping next claiming he has the game on ball and chaim and said he sees Hip Hop starting to change. He described his own flow getting kicked back. He said that BLESS looks like lunch meat. He said that he calls his opponents girl up and tells her that he's coming through and compared his weed to the lawn. He claimed to be balling. He said that for the bread he'd turn his adversary's back into bread. This round of the punchline battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme battle BLESS went in and told YOUNG JERZ to let him break it down. He accused his opponent of being brainless for spitting whack battle lines. He compared his opponent's girl to Amy Winehouse. He told his adversary to lay off the white and to get his flow tighter. He seemed to be calling himself fire and asked his opposition how he could rock with him. He told his opponent that he had a better chance seeing Tupac at the mall. He claimed not to be cocky but just knows that his adversary can't beat him and said he runs his mouth when in intoxicated. YOUNG JERZ went in and started rapping. He said that he would treat BLESS like a paper clip. He said he go home run bars and told his opposition he better play the fence. He said he would come through blasting his heat and said his nigga's are strapped like they just robbed a military. His delivery was hard.


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