Monday, August 30, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Knalo G vs Rock

Knalo G started the rap cypher first and said he wasn't about to Lolly gag and said he was there for body bags. He said he would smoke Rock quicker than a blunt in Bob Marley's stash and claimed that he burns out with a chopper like he pulled off on a Harley fast. He spit about how his adversary's come deep to a block. He claimed to have been hustling since an early age and seemed to be comparing his adversary to a cigarette. He claimed to have Muhammad Ali accuracy. He was thorough with his lyrical skills. Rock started his bars in this this rap battle and claimed to be proffesional and have high standards. He said Knalo G was not the American Idol and told his opponent he could be one of the people from America's Next Top Model. He accused his adversary of squatting when he has to pee and said how he is from Kansas city and said claimed that this is how he rolls. He tried to end early but he had a few more minutes on the clock so he free-styled anything. Knalo G got his body bag in this round of the rap cypher and won it without a doubt but Rock was pretty good to be improvising.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Knalo G started by spitting deep metaphors and said that his bars are raw like powder. He claimed that there was nothing yellow about him and he hates cowards. He said he'd stick his dick in Rock's chick and knock the shape out of her. He compared the way he'd leave her pussy to her trying to push an ape out her and he accused his opponent of eating his girls vagina even though she didn't shower. He said that him and home boys ran a gang bang on his rivals girl and claimed to tape it. He had a quick slip up. Rock went up to spit next and called himself a beast with balls the size of beach balls. He claimed to see flaws when he looks at Knalo G He said that his adversary is a pussy and if he told you he is gangster he is lying. He gained momentum when he tried to call his challenger Carl Winslow. He was clearly freestyle rapping and wasn't that bad. In my opinion this round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In the third round of the rap battle Knalo G started off by welcoming the people to his jungle and claimed to have gotten into it with bears up the street. He described his hood and said the first 2 rounds against Rock were body bag. He seemed to have slipped up but he caught his composure back and made up for it. He said that he was from Minneapolis and ended up saying easy at the end. Rock went in to the rap clash talking about his swagger and said he would beat himself for Knalo G then tried to impersonate him. He ended up finishing his verse saying is the only time he would beat him self is on his challengers mother. Rock won this round of the freestyle battle in my opinion.

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