Saturday, August 21, 2010


STACK RAW started the first round of the rap battle and claimed he chewed his last opponent. He called his adversary a BLACK pussy Mexico and claimed to know what he was gonna say. He told his opposition to look around him because he was surrounded by killers and claimed to be shooting mini beads. He said that he was whipping a Jag and called his adversary a deer and claimed to be a Grizzly. He said he told he Tone to pass him the Gage so he could pop twice. He said that he shoots fast and had a lyrical flow and said if people think they can stand a chance with him they end up like is Bishop falling off the roof. BLACK started off his verse saying talking about STACK RAW's crew Riot Squad that's the name of yall gang you should be ashamed because all of you bitches is lame. He said that he would run up on his opposition like training day. He said that he followed his challenger home so he knows where he stays and said he'd open up the boys top for them toys like a Happy meal. He said that his opponent was a pussy but he messed up at the end of his verse of raps. This round of the competition was a tie.

In the second round of the cypher STACK RAW went into the rhyme battle accusing BLACK of lying his whole life. He said that his opposition and his nigga's are all jokes. He called his adversary a bum and said he wants to give him some soap. He accused his adversary of being a child molester. He implied that his adversary was a waste of sperm and said his opponen was a funky rat. He told his adversary to stay in his lane because he wouldn't kick it with him in a soccer game. BLACK went in to this rap cypher next talking about the hood and said he'd leave him like an ironing board. He told STACK RAW to watch what he says and if he has to tell him twice he'd put a gun in his face. He told him to stop getting loud spit a story about heisting his rivals crib and claimed that his hoe set the whole thing up. This round of the tournament was tie as well.

In the third round of the rap clash STACK RAW went in rhyming and said he is pissed off about battling BLACK. He told him to give up rap to find another hobby. He called him sloppy and said if he brings his crew he'd shower his posse. I guess he messed up and I suppose he was freestyle rapping. BLACK if this was Smack he'd be playing Math and STACK RAW would be playing Dose then started to rhyme about knocking his opponent out. He brought up the styling on him punchline, Joey Jihad, Tube steak, and Lil b. He said he never seen his opponents other group member before and said he could shot him out his coat. He was a thorough lyricist and said he could beat his opponents ass. BLACK won this round of the rap battle.

In the last round of the cypher STACK RAW went in unprepared and barely said a verse. He said that BLACK is the type that should stay in his place then asked if he could punch him in the face. He basically tried to call his rival a snitch and then messed up. The boy BLACK went in with a lyrical flow and claimed that he was the talk of the streets. He threatened to leave STACK RAW's mother under leaves. He said that his opponent could never be him and said he'd be the reason why the worms is fed. He said that he levitates nigga's and said that his oppositions girl compliments him. BLACK won this round of the rap clash based on consistency.

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