Saturday, August 21, 2010


Flip started the rap battle and said that everyone heard what his name is so splitting and flippig it won't work. He basically spit about how his guns be shooting and asked Hann Smith where his hood is at. He said that he shouts out his ghetto where ever he goes and compared it to Columbine. He cursed at the thought of living in peace and started to talk about his opponents girl. He tried to imply that his adversary is a cowardly man and wears mood rings. Flip had a quick slip up when someone in the crowd started chuckling and tried to call his adversary fat and dirty. His flow was thorough towards the end of his rap verse and said whats's cracking. He threatened to rob his adversary who he claimed wasn't half of what he was. Hann Smith then went in to spit and asked why they through Flip in the pool with him. He claimed that he had to leave his challenger strapped to the back of a Honda and compared himself to Travis Pastrana. He painted a picture of being on his opponents porch with the flame thrower out and ambulance sirens. I'm mad he had that long ass pause. He brought up Lupe Fiasco's name in this rap cypher and said that he would take what ever he wants and screw what his adversary says. He warned his opposition about choking him with shoe strings and called himself a blue flame with money long as two planes. Flip won this round of the cypher.

In the second round of this raps battle Flip claimed to have good advice for Hann Smith and told him to calm down. He seemed to be threatening to do his opponent dirty and said he'd leave him with a shit bag. He claimed to be from a gang related neighbor hood and claimed to get cash with a pimp swag. He spit extra syllabic and lyrical during this round of the hip hop match. He claimed that his opposition can't get none from her. Flip described his guns thorough and made cartoon reference's such as Barney off the Simpsons and Paul Bunyan . He quoted The Notorious B.I.G. and claimed that he grew up a screw up. He described growing up selling drugs and said he was from the South of Newark. Hann Smith went in and started rapping next and said he would deform Flip early like four in the morning. He called his rival an informant and told him to stop fronting. He threatened his his challenger and made fun of his mother. He called himself a champ and a general. He said that he doesn't really care because he knows that his opponent is all estrogen. He compared his adversary's money to a dwarf and Mexican. He asked his opposition why he was tired in the cellar. He finished off his round asking his opposition if he was serious. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round lyrical tournament Flip saying that he was harder than Hann Smith's hardest and claimed that his bars are sick. He tried to match his opponents last verse and spit like a thorough lyricist. Flip told his rival that he doesn't play the goon-y role and asked him why he was talking it. He compared his opposition to a mice trap and called him the type to get punched and won't fight back. he made fun of his oppositions posture and implied that he was far from a monster. Flip called his adversary mad big and said that a shot would lift him up. He called his Hann Smith a big chump and a bitch in disguise. He implied that his adversary wasn't scary just because of his size and he would slap him with fries. He said that he his opposition isn't that tough. Later on in his verse he got real quiet and took a pause. He claimed that he be robbing nigga's. He claimed that he would sell soap if he ever goes broke. Hann Smith went in to cypher and told his adversary that he doesn't spark steel. He called his rival see through and seemed to be implying he would catch him slipping dressed like a Hebrew. He compared his challenger to bacon and bum sex. He mentioned wrestling moves as well. This round of the lyrical clash was a tie because both of these emcee's went stupid hard with crazy punchlines.

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