Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: ILLab vs Matty G

Matty G went in and started the first round of the lyrical battle and said that there are a lot of people here and wished someone would HIV would date ILLab and then rape him. He seemed to have accused his adversary of being after an anus and accused him of speaking with a lisp. He accused his rival of going to the Blue Nile to try to spit flows and get a girl out of her clothes. He accused his rival of having a foot fetish and not getting laid and accused his girl friend of peeing in the bed. He seemed to be freestyle rapping a little bit. ILLab started his verse trying to imply that the rhymes Matty G came up with were not hot at all and said that doctors should have punched him in the face when he was born. He claimed that his rival took this battle bceause he had something to prove and he took this match because he had nothing to lose. He claimed to have half the city behind him and said that no one is behind his adversary. he claimed that his opponent doesn't rhyme and said that he was making this easy for him. He claimed that his opposition came from an in bread family and called him a mascot that should have never took his mask off. He seemed to be cursing Grind Time then called his adversary a minute man. He seemed to have out shined his challenger. In my opinion ILLab wont this round of the freestyle competition.

In the second round of the tournament Matty G went in to rhyme and said today ILLab decided a no show and said in his place he looks like a goalie for Greg Goldberg. He called his adversary a Jewish baby faced queer and claimed that him and others use to tie his adversary to the net. He accused his rivals girl of having soft hands and accused her of feeling his private parts on a regular. He said that he be killing it quick and spitting rhymes sick and said that his girl couldn't give him the Wonder if she was beating up bread. He called his opposition a whack fat fuck and compared him to Daffy Duck. ILLab started off by saying that Matty G calling him a fagot is beyond him and seemed to have accused him of wearing a tight T shirt and skinny jeans and hat that is neon green. He referred to his opponent as light work and tried to make him look like a pedophile. He accused his challengers mother of being a crack head as well and seemed to be trying to imply that he is the only reason people want to see this match between the two. He tried to claim that his adversary had a bushy beard and called him a dumb fuck. ILLab won this round of the part freestyle session in my opinion.

Matty G the third round of the lyrical tournament claiming to have a strategic maneuver and said that ILLab has no computer. He started talking about a chick I think it was his adversary's girl and claimed she put his penis in her nose. He claimed to be here to beat a beast and leave him deceased. He also said the only person he hates more than his opposition is the Police and claimed that the written's his opponent were kicking were stupidly written. He compared his opposition to Cordon blew. ILLab spit his verse next claiming that Matty G was not a G just because his home boys drink Colt 45 and said that if they want to step to him he'd rip him a part. He accused his rival of being from the home of the Narcs. He accused his rival of killing deers on the back roads of his home town and claimed that he got used. He brought stage props to the rhyme battle and basically stepped it up notch. This round of the cypher was a tie.

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