Tuesday, August 31, 2010


YOUNG BMORE started the rap cypher first and said nigga's probably think he's not the sickness since his last battle. He said that the rhymes in his last match were not written and were all freestyle spitting. He compared him self to an agency and said he had to give him the business. He claimed to be the sickness and relentless. He called out MURDA and said he wanted a rematch then claimed he supposed to battle Lil D. He also tried to imply that SPLIFF couldn't beat him in a fight. He had references to Street Fighter in his rhymes as well. He had a thorough lyrical flow in my opinion. SPLIFF went into the rap cypher and seemed to be trying to imply that YOUNG BMORE is a bitch made nigga. He seemed to be freestyle rapping but he was funny. He implied that his adversary acts like a woman and his delivery was extra smooth that junk was funny. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap clash YOUNG BMORE went into this round of the cypher claiming that he would need everyone to listen closely to him in this round of the Hip Hop battle. He claimed to be the hardest and no other was harder and claimed that he was the big boss man and the one that gets things handled. He said that SPLIFF doesn't compare to him then mentioned Lil Clay, LIL NAY, LIL TAE and Keys. He said that people just laugh at his opponent and seemed to wishing his adversary a rest in peace. He accused his adversary of not rocking ice and said,"fuck your pretty swag". SPLIFF declared when it's war time to tell him he is in for it and said that he would chop YOUNG BMORE up and make him swim for it. He compared his guns to Chilli. He had a few straight bars in this round of the rap cypher but YOUNG BMORE won this round of the match.

In the third round of the lyrical tournament YOUNG BMORE went in and said that he himself was sharper than Soul Calibur. He claimed that he couldn't be lied to because he is on point. He said that he would snatch SPLIFF out his whip and put his Timberlands on him like Nelly Fut-ado. He claimed to swing guns like they are baseball bats. He cursed at his adversary's gang set and made it clear that he didn't care much about them. He compared his guns to ejaculation. SPLIFF went in to rap cypher talking junk about YOUNG BMORE clothing and accused him of playing tough. He claimed that he would aim red dots at his oppositions head and claimed that he would rob him. He said his guns relate to Will Smith. YOUNG BMORE won this round of the rap cypher in my opinion.


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