Wednesday, September 1, 2010


LACE started the lyrical battle first claiming that chicks ask him why he is so cocky and claimed to be that dude then asked BIG JON who gassed him. He said that his opposition would be dripping and claims to stay with hard white. He claimed his opponent can't eat in these streets unless you hunt for him. BIG JON then went in to represent for the Caucasian thugs and said he spits volcanic and make MC's frantic. He claimed to have gotten his rap name from his penis size. He claimed he would leave LACE a buried man and compared his rhymes to the women who played in the movie Hair Spray. He claimed that he would lift is soul out of his challenger body like no gravity and mentioned that he has soul for a white boy. In my opinion this round of the cypher was a tie.

LACE started his verse during this round claiming that any one who tries to rap against him he doesn't know what they are thinking and compared shooting BIG JON to hitting Pinky from the back. He claimed that he was gonna eat his adversary without even trying. His lyrical skills were harder during this round. He just spent time talking about how he be grinding on the block. BIG JON called himself nasty at spitting and called LACE nasty bitch like he has zits on his vagina. He had thorough punchlines in this round of he rap tournament. He made fun of what his rival came to opponent came to the match wearing. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the live match LACE claimed to have the liquor and a blunt. He threatened to hit BIG JON with a pump and leave his kids in the trunk. He said he would tape his kids to a chair and claimed that his adversary is a snitch. He had thorough punchlines in this round BIG JON then went in to say his adversary was giving him an attitude and claimed to be the truth. He said hat he would beat LACE in the streets or at rap. He began to freestyle as well and say anything but he held it down. LACE won this round of the lyrical battle.

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