Wednesday, September 22, 2010


RONNIE G went into the cypher first saying what's up to TAY ROC and called him a county nigga. He said his nigga's keep it tight in the hood and cursed at his squad. He compared shooting his adversary to using drugs. TAY ROC then went into spit and told RONNIE G that he couldn't stop it if he wanted. he claimed to have a state full of nigga's he got to make proud and and that he has been on Url tv and the Lionz Den. His flow and the way he put rhymes together was on point. RONNIE G won this round of the cypher.

In the second round of the match RONNIE G went in and had some hot bars and I liked his style, It was funny. He called TAY ROC a woman beater and brought up a good point about how he reps Baltimore when he isn't really from there, I could swear I seen him in battles prior I could be wrong claiming to be from Baltimore. He had long pauses. TAY ROC then went into rap and said he 'd have sex with RONNIE G's mother. He said to da lute would have to call the ambulance when he 's done with him. He claimed that his challenger was a homo. TAY ROC won this round of the match based on punchlines and metaphors.

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