Thursday, September 9, 2010

AHAT Rap Battle: Jessyka James vs Strayt Paper

Jessyka James claimed to have this round of the rhyme battle in the bag and claimed that th people who came to the cypher were not there to cheer Strayt Paper they were there to listen and laugh. She tried to imply that her opponent was baby food and called his rhymes weak. She made up a good point a bout that taste defeat punch line because if I had penny for all the different ways I heard it used this year I'd have a few dollars. She called him opponent a wannabe gangster. Strayt Paper claimed that Konflict tried to mess with Jessyka James then said Ages got small dicks and accused Miles low of being a virgin, he seemed to be telling a story and even implied OD was the pimping her out. He tried to say that his adversary looked like a pitbull terrier and he claimed he would run a train on her which in my opinion put the momentum of this round in his possession. Strayt Paper won this round of the rap cypher. This was a good battle to only be one round.

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