Tuesday, September 21, 2010


PAKMAN went into this rhyme battle claiming to spit heavy diesel and said that his flow was deadly lethal for his team. He accused his adversary of getting his rhymes written by Lil Nay He was rapping forever against LIL TAE and had thorough punchlines but all I could think was when is SAVOE gonna spit. LIL TAE then started rhyming claiming that he didn't care how many nigga's that PAKMAN brings with him and claimed to have started rap battling last year at the age of 16. After he spit his racial slurs on his Arab opponent he got at Savoe. He that his adversary wouldn't beat him until MC Kims grows his dreads again. He said that he would give PAKMAN five dollars to punch him and claimed to have sex with SAVOE's girl then compared her to Lupe Fiasco's Kick push song. LIL TAE spit the whole verse I'm confused he did the whole verse for his team. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

Savoe then went in for his team and seemed to be calling his opponent a bitch boy. He said that if his his adversary came out of his jaw he'd get bitch smacked and accused him of kissing TODALUTE's ass. He could've been freestyle rapping it seemed like it was at least partly. He compared his father. NELLZ then went into his verse cursing at his adversary and called his opponents rhymes bull shit and ridiculous. He claimed that PAKMAN disappear in the night when he pulls his heat out. This round of the cypher was a tie.

In this of the rap duel PAKMAN went in and made a good point about the crowd being bi-est. He even tried to immitate Lil Nay and Mc kims then he tried to call LIL TAE a bitch that wouldn't ball his fists. LIL TAE then went into rhyme and said his game plan was to stay loyal to his team and to his hood is supposedly. He claimed to have a lot flags like gang land. He said that his guns would send PAKMAN on a trip. He ended his verse spitting with a pridefully. This round of the the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In this round of the hip hop battle SAVOE went into spit and claimed to already know what LIL TAE was gonna say and accused him of having 498 fashion. He then said that his adversary had the game messed up and said if nigga's come around and mess with them the beat there asses. NELLZ warned his challengers to be cautious when they come around and claimed to be the Titanic. He said that his adversary isn't even close to nauseous he threatened to put a target on his adversary's head. He compared this rhyme battle to Lion King at the end. This round of the hip hop clash was a tie.


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