Sunday, September 12, 2010


YUNG POPPA started the rap clash first and said and said he would finger screw his CAYOZ's girl with Jason gloves on but I think that would be kind of weird especially with all the friction but anyways. He claimed that would shoot his adversary's grandmother if it came down to it. He was a horror core rapper for real bringing up people such as Jason and Michael Myers and his delivery was thorough. He claimed that he go's hard on the ave and gets cash on the boulevard. CAYOZ then jumped in and accused YUNG POPPA of being a lier. He said that his challenger would feel like a blind nothing and compared his gun to a Venus fly trap. He called his opposition the type that's never satisfied and accused him of not knowing how the game goes. He ended his verse claiming that he didn't care if his adversary had a dead mother as result of a brain issues or not and called him a bitch. In my opinion YUNG POPPA won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the second round of the rap clash YUNG POPPA spit about how his fighting skills could hurt CAYOZ and he called his flow dope. He called his adversary a lame and inquired stomping a mud hole in him. He said that he is from California but still respects Math Hoffa, Loaded Lux, Conceited, Hollow Da Don, and Rich Dollaz. He compared his piff to Chris Brown hitting Rhianna and called himself hard as concrete in the streets. CAYOZ went into rhyme claiming that YUNG POPPA didn't know what it was like to constantly have to struggle. He told his challenger that he doesn't rap it's just a faze and said that he would put him in his grave. His lyrical flow was ill but he had too long of a pause. YUNG POPPA won this round of the rap cypher based on consistency in my opinion.

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