Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nov vs Artisan 3: AHAT Rap Battles

Artisan started the cypher first and claimed that he wanted to congradulate Nov being in the finals. He compared using his pump to masturbating the strap on dick punchline was straight it was just extreme not really that hot. I've noticed that his metaphors have been off for a few battles now if you examine his latest 3 or 4 battles you'd see what I mean just look it up on my search engine. The soy sauce punchline was funny it'll probably go on the sick punchlines page of my blog. Nov then went into spit and referred to Artisan as being a chick. He accused his adversary of being mad because close to a million people seen his ass get kicked and not really winning the battle against K.O.N.. He accused his adversary of being O D's offspring and said that his shots would leave his adversary looking like Waldo. He admitted that his adversary dresses better. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Artisan said that Nov wasn't nice and called his crew Dem Franchise boys. He mentioned running into his adversary's house and looking for his Lady Luck. He claimed that he neutered his opposition. Nov went in to rhyme and called Artisan a cotton ball and compared himself to a land mine. He claimed that his challenger doesn't shoot guns. Nov won this round of the rap clash by a little bit more in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme cypher Artisan claimed that anybody can have sex with Nov's girl and said something about the judges suck like he's 106 and park. He even mentioned Kat Stacks. Nov then went in to rhyme and said that Artisan's real name is Tyrese Fisher. He asked his adversary his how he was from Brooklyn and has lived here for 19 years, dam he blew that nigga's spot up. He called Artisan stupid for not battling for money if he was supposedly so hungry. Nov won this round of the rap clash no question.

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