Wednesday, September 22, 2010


MONEY MALL started the hip hop battle claiming to be dumb hot and said that forty five would stretch KONKRETE out like a limousine. He claimed that Mc's don't battle him and claimed that his adversary was garbage. he claimed that he was a gorilla for the money and said that if he doesn't have a gun he would get a knife. KONKRETE went in to spit his verse during the cypher and claimed that MONEY MALL needs a lesson. His lyrical skills were thorough and his rhymes were hard he didn't even have to hype up his delivery. He ended his verse comparing his adversary to Hanna Montana.

MONEY MALL started off with a weak punchline about masturbation and told KONKRETE to get his facts straight before he spits. He got interrupted once or twice by the crowd. I thought his rhymes were elementary KONKRETE said that cats in the hood don't associate with MONEY MALL. He said that his machete would split his challenger in half and claimed to be good with flaming guns. He had many different metaphors KONKRETE bodied this round of the duel.

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