Friday, September 10, 2010

Mic Murdaraz T.V. Presents Binxta B vs Dre Jones Hosted by Mackk Myron

Dre Jones started the rap battle first claiming that he gets money as he described the diamonds that he has. He claimed that the closest he came to seeing an L is when he was smoking a blunt and said that if it came to beef Mackk Myron is as good as dead because he would shoot him. He compared leaking his opponent to shooting paint balls at him and he claimed to have classical whips. He claimed to run his squad. Binxta B anxiously went into rhyme immediately after that and claimed to be glad that Dre Jones came to take his ass whooping then claimed he was about to smash him. He then equated his challenger to feces and implied screwing his lady. He claimed that if his opposition was a lion he had something to tame him and claimed that his war tactics were not average. His delivery was stronger but his rhymes were just as good in my opinion. The man referred to his adversary as a no name. Dre Jones won this round of the street battle

In the second round of the rap clash Dre Jones then went into spit and said he'd put a whole in Mackk Myron's head the size of a grave site and tried say he was on Drake and Young Berg's level of greatness. He tried to call his opposition fake and said that he would snipe him while he was eating. He compared his adversary's girl to a skull cap. He said that he would gets at his opponents girl friend. Binxta B then went into rhyme calling Dre Jones cool and claimed to be the hottest nigga spitting. He talked about his hood and threatened what would happen to Dre Jones if he stepped out of line. He tried to spit a deep metaphor at his adversary. He called his adversary's songs basic and made fun of his face. He claimed that his rival would never get noticed. This round of this hood battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme cypher Dre Jones went in telling Binxta B that he wasn't a gangster. He said that he should skin his opponent and then was interrupted. He said that his opposition that does't even sound like a man and compared himself to Monica and used references 90's music. He claimed that his adversary's girl be calling him and spit alot about beating his oppositions ass. He said that he spits gas and breathes flames then his ending was thorough. Binxta B then went into the cypher telling a story about how the rap clash came to be. He compared his challenger to a meal and said that he was sweet. He wanted to rap it up claiming to have some where to be in about an hour and claimed to be screwing his mother. Binxta B clearly won this round of the rap battle based on his all around performance and consistency.

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