Sunday, September 12, 2010


2FACE started off the rap clash and said he would handle QP's whole click with a chain saw. He said that he would slap his adversary very badly and told him that he was weak and wouldn't see him if he was his clone. He said that his adversary's girl was giving him dome and claimed he would put powder on his hand and pimp slap his adversary. His delivery was thorough. He claimed that he would go to his adversary's house and shoot up his whole family. QP then went into rap and accused 2FACE of having smaller jeans than he has. He called his oppositions girl mad over weight and claimed to think a minute to a week to think of rhymes. His punchlines were strong and in my opinion he won this round of the cypher.

2FACE went in to this round of the rhyme battle with much to say to QP making fun of his style and he claimed that he robs dudes at night. He said that his adversary be tricking and said his rival thinks he bust because his shirt tight. He claimed that his rival reminds him of one of those homo dudes that work at hair shops and claimed he would leave him in a casket with heartless, Fox, and Conceited on the side of it. QP then went into rhyme claiming that he had to confront the the rumors about him being a snitch and seemed to be claiming that his white chick stole him from his other chick. He said that 2FACE would get chis checked for talk too much and said he would clap his mother from top to bottom and claimed that he could take his girl anywhere. QP won this round of the rap clash in my opinion by a bit more.

In the third round of the cypher 2FACE spit his bars and called QP a square and told him that his card would get pulled quick. He said that everything that his opponent said when he was rapping was BS. He claimed that he would run in his adversary's house and pop at him. He said that he would his opposition's girl and said that he has been snitching since he was a kid and had been able to tell. He ended ended his verse reminding viewers what his name was. QP claimed that his own flow is commercial and everything he spit was made for the T.V. He then said that women he gets amazed when he urinates and tried to call his opposition Obama. He said that his girl is white and had disrespectful gang references. He claimed that he was looking for Tall T and couldn't find him. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

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