Thursday, September 9, 2010

Evil Poets Society Presents: Tactmatic vs Adam Nubian

Adam Nubian started the rhyme battle claiming hat he wouldn't get his lips locked in the true spirit of Hip Hop and seemed to be trying to use big words in his rhymes. He reminded that his rhymes were freestyle and were not written. He claimed to be at his pinnacle but seemed to have trouble pronouncing it. He was trying his hardest to improvise but it didn't seem to really be working for him very well, he should have prepared written back ups to say in and out his freestyle. He claimed to get violent with Tactmatic as well and started saying anything after a while. He called his adversary a nigga then said my bad and said that he was spitting from his assophagus. Tactmatic then went in and said first off let me lay out the truth. He claimed that written raps weren't cool but I think they were needed n this freestyle cypher. He claimed that Adam Nubian should have joined a B Boy battle instead and accused his opposition of biting Lil Wayne. He had an insult on his adversary's dread locks as well and tried to say that his opposition tried to call him up one time so he put him on with a studio. He tried to imply that he heard his adversary spitting a few written verses but I didn't hear it. Tactmatic won this round of the cypher barely.

Adam Nubian started the second round of the freestyle battle and said that Tactmatic was funny. He told his adversary that his rap name should be Russel Peaches and said something about his opponent ejaculating pink. He tried to call his adversary a homosexual that you should stay away from and was mumbling a lot of his rhymes. I'm mad he compared his adversary to Kat Williams towards the end of his verse. Tactmatic then went into rhyme and said some thing about pimp slapping Adam Nubian. He called him self a skinny dude and said something about his opposition wanting to get 1,000,000 hits on YouTube. He even got on his adversary's shoes and said that he was outstanding and would leave his challenger out and not standing. He called his adversary a fag and said half the stuff his opponent was spitting was written but i didn't see it. He said told his adversary that if he wanted beef he would ring it to him. Tactmatic won this round of the freestyle cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of the freestyle battle Adam Nubian started to freestyle and seemed to be trying to insult Tactmatic's Adams apple. He tried to call his adversary's last verse written and whack. he accused his opposition of having an erections on girls knees. He claimed that his adversary wasn't even worth his time and said that he was done. He called his rival a jungle boy whatever that is and told him that he couldn't handle this. He started getting racial and wasn't even making his words rhyme at times. Tactmatic then went in accusing Adam Nubian of acting gangster and said the only time Adam Nubian pulls the G string is when he plays the guitar. He claimed to be holding his thrown and claimed that this was a waste time and said that African Americans wouldn't respect his challenger. He tried to imply that he couldn't compete in Grind Time. Tactmatic won in my opinion because even though his verse sounded like it had no structure once so ever, he still had more structure than Adam Nubian.

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