Monday, September 13, 2010

RBTV - Smash'ems vs. Amuse (Freestyle Battle)

Amuse started the freestyle battle against Smash'ems for the first year anniversary and apologized for being a bit off. He claimed to be drunk and get be thorough on a beat and spoke like he laces tracks pretty nicely. He claied that he'd get better with time and that he doesn't write a line. Smash'ems then went in to say that Amuse should have been aborted and said that he didn't deserve to see the face of the earth. He basically spit about beating his oppositions ass and said he would make him eat his teeth. Smash'ems won this round of the rap clash with his angry verse.

In the second round of the cypher Amuse seemed to be implying that Smash'ems is like Eminem if you get down to it and told him to get some real stuff and creativity. He invited his adversary to hit him because he has a lawyer. Smash'ems then went into spit and said Amuse must be a rat. He claimed to feel like picking up a pistol and shooting up his adversary. He claimed that he would cross dress just to get with his oppositions mother and said he had her mother begging for it. Smash'ems savaged this round of the rhyme cypher.

In the third round of the rap clash Amuse went in to spit and said he would teach Smash'ems about sodomizing women. He told his adversary to put on a beat and he would rip him like one, two, three. Smash'ems then went in to rap and was sizing Amuse up while at the same time barraging hi with rhymes. he claimed that he would kill his challengers mother rape his daughter then steal from him. He ended by making fun of what his opponent was wearing. Smash'ems won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

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