Sunday, September 19, 2010

KOTD - Rap Battle - Kid Twist vs Eurgh

Eurgh started the first round of this hip hop battle implying to Organik that Kid Twist gets too much credit and him acting like a ring lady during a Bartone match. He focused in on calling his adversary a homo and tried to imply that he was ashamed to bring up his rap hobby in front of his colleagues. I was feeling his metaphors and his performance was entertaining in this round of the cypher. Kid Twist then went into rhyme and started off by first making fun of Eurgh, which I have trouble pronouncing myself at times but I'm glad he cleared it up for me but anyways. He tried to imply that his challenger was bad at freestyle rhyming and told him he reminded him of Gandhi. The Mc accused him of making weirder faces than Mind Bender and made fun of his eyes. This hip hop artist was even able to squeeze Illmaculate's name into one of his punchlines and was thorough at using his opponent name in his raps. Towards the end he accused his opposition of having Cruger's kids. This round of the lyrical performance was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the match Eurgh went in and had quite a few words for Kid Twist and compared him to a Spice Girl. He claimed that his adversary looked like he got tiger swiped by Tiger Ty and said that he would celebrate this event. The rapper accused him of not being able to make tracks neither and called his opposition The Steven King Of the Dot. The MC claimed that his opponent lost to Thesaurus twice. Kid Twist then went to spit and and claimed to be writing a book claiming it's the longest that he ever wrote which is much longer than the average Eurgh interview. He said that his oppositions real name had something to do with Phife Dawg and brought up a thought about if Arkaic Q Tip. This MC also referenced Craig G as being a lame and a fagot. Kid Twist won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the third round of the lyrical cypher Eurgh went in claiming that he needs to send his adversary to the barber and accused Kid Twist of cross dressing and wearing Mascara. He seemed to be accusing his adversary of dreaming of Frankie Wapps while he masturbates and claimed to have entered Jump Off as a youth. He claimed to run a league because he shows leadership qualities and he said a rhyme that i'm gonna put on my slick punchlines page. Kid Twist started his verse making fun of Eurgh's beard and said he could get his wife to blow him. He referenced Jay-z's old song Hawaii Sophie. He seemed to be making Arab jokes on his opposition and made fun of his girl. Eurgh won this round of the lyrical match.

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